Hang out the Bunting

I have been really busy lately and keep forgetting to take photos of what we have been up to! I was thinking of doing some Halloween crafts but we haven’t got round to that yet. My lovely little sister has sent me some ribbons and Tiggy a whole pack of craft items, so I have some ideas for them buzzing away in my head. 

This past few months have been filled with Birthdays and the latest one was my husbands so we had a day of crafting and baking the day before. I was trying to think of something in keeping with the latest trends in crafting and decided on bunting, simple and lots of fun. 

I cut out 13 triangles from white paper (although this would look good on colored paper too, in fact probably better). I then wrote the letters H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y on them, if Tiggy was a bit older he would of helped with this. Once I did this I let him go crazy with my glitter glues. He was on cloud 9 with this as he’s always in my craft fridge (yes fridge, we have a spare fridge/freezer and I use this to store my supplies in, its not turned on – surprisingly people ask me this!) trying to get them out.



Once he had decorated all the letters I stapled them onto some ribbon and left them to dry. Et voilà, homemade bunting. It looked quite effective when up, although I should of done the lettering a bit thicker, I was in a rush but will know for next time.


We only baked simple buns and rice crispie cakes so I won’t bother with a post on those as they are pretty standard in any house :).

This week I am majorly busy but I will try and get some more crafts done, I really want to start getting the Halloween stuff done. I have also seen a new sewing machine that I want but need to save the money for but when I get it I will be trying my hand at appliqué, that will be a while away though. 

Anyways must dash ooo but here is a picture of the nappy/wipe holder that I made the other day, not bad for the first one…



I will try and be back with my Halloween stuff soon :)

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