A quick craft that looks beautiful

I have been looking into crafting for the home recently as I want to redecorate but renting doesn’t allow that so I decided that I will just make beautiful accessories for our home. I stumbled across this whilst I was supposed to be sorting out my etsy shop as any crafter knows its so easy to get distracted and end up making something! 

Here they are, and so simple too…



ok so maybe you can’t quite see them in all their glory there but they are candle holders made with a book page, they look so lovely on the table now its winter and dark when we are eating. 

You will need:

  • A Jar ( I used 2 empty Pesto jars)
  • Some twine – any colour, your choice
  • A book that you don’t cherish ( I did think about using a ,classic book page like Pride & Prejudice but no matter how hard I tried I could not bring myself to ruin such a beautiful book, bear in mind that the page will get wax on it and need replacing)
  • A craft knife 
  • A pencil

so all you need to do is remove a page from a book draw a shape (use a template if you’re not good a drawing), I did a star, cut it out with you knife and cut the page to size so that you can fit it in the jar. You can glue the page to the jar but it fits best if you just let it curl round and you can change it easily. Once you have done that you can tie some twine on the jar and add you tea light candle. Ok so I am adding a disclaimer as this is not safe, paper and fire, you need to keep an eye on it, never leave it unattended. Et Voila, fini. 


Back soon with more crafts, just waiting on some supplies to come :)


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